Bilateral Total Knee Replacement

I first worked with Sarah Jeremy in 2013 after having both knees replaced within two weeks of each other. I had already been to another physiotherapist who had begun our session by saying "we'll never get those legs straight" .... rather negative, I thought, and her approach to the actual work felt very adversarial. I am extremely lucky to have been referred to Sarah; she had a totally different outlook. She was very positive in her attitude and remained so through all of our sessions. Her 'hands on' work is extremely gentle but thorough and she clearly shows you specific exercises to do between appointments. As a result, my legs are not only straight, but for the first time in years I have mobility and flexibility and I'm pain free! I know my surgeon did an excellent job but I also know that without Sarah's knowledge and dedicated work it would not have been such a great result.

I recently had major shoulder surgery and have begun physiotherapy with Sarah again. I just had my six week check up with the consultant surgeon and he said I'm well ahead of schedule in my recovery ... in large part due to the work Sarah has done. I'm not at all suprised!

Paula Anglin, Hove. 

Total Hip Replacement

I have received excellent physio and rehab since my recent total hip replacement from Sarah Jeremy. The most exceptional and beneficial impact of the treatment was the hydrotherapy.

I recommend anyone who has a total hip replacement or knee replacement to utilise this option as it definitely was instrumental in the acceleration of my healing process.

Susanne Simmons

Shoulder Surgery

I thought I must write and thank you for all the help you have given me during my fight to get back to health after my recent major shoulder operation. The explanations and confidence you gave me, let alone the treatment were exceptional far and away above the previous treatments I have received after 3 hip operations from other physio's!

My husband also wishes to thank you for your help in helping him regain his strength and ability to return to as normal a life as possible after his stroke. With your specialist expertise in this field, and again explaining what was happening and what to expect, was a terrific boost to his confidence.

Thank you once again from both of us.

Jaqueline Lawrence, Rustington. 

Double Custom Total Hip Replacements - Danny (39 years old)
As a relatively young person I was obviously very concerned at suffering extreme hip pain in both of my hip joints. I was in constant pain and simple tasks such as walking or climbing stairs had become virtually impossible. I would suffer from nausea on a regular basis due to the severity of the pain and I could not live a normal life. With a young family it was difficult to carry out basic tasks that most people would take for granted such as enjoying days out etc.
I met with Mr Lewis at Goring Hall Hospital and after initial X-rays he immediately recommended that I have both hips replaced. It was agreed that I would have the two operations just 3 months apart.
Mr Lewis performed the first of my two total hip replacement operations in October 2014 and amazingly within 24 hours I was back on my feet and walking around with just one walking stick for support. Obviously, I still had to cope with the damaged right hip which was yet to be replaced so my physiotherapy was gentle so that it did not aggravate the right hip - but I could already feel how much everything was going to be better for me going forward!
I continued to have gentle physiotherapy between the two operations with Mr Lewis’ excellent recommended physiotherapist Sarah Jeremy. I spent plenty of time in the swimming pool exercising and despite only having had my left hip replaced at this point, I was already able to move virtually pain free and the left hip was completely pain free and had a far wider range of movement than beforehand. Mr Lewis performed the second operation in January 2015 at Goring Hall Hospital. I retuned home the next day and began full rehabilitation with my two hips now both replaced with custom ones…
The speed at which I was able to progress after my operation really shocked me. I returned to the swimming pool and more advanced physiotherapy with Sarah Jeremy. Within 2 weeks I was walking unaided and pain free. By 4 weeks post operation I could swim freely and run up a flight of stairs and walk for over an hour unaided – all completely pain free.
By 6 weeks post operation, amazingly I could already jog, jump, hop and even sprint - pain free!
I was already able to take part in non-contact training sessions for a football team that I coach. I was doing things that before my operations I truly never believed I would be able to undertake again and I was feeling healthier than I had done since I was in my 20’s.

- See video of me at just 6 weeks post Op here -

I am now just over 2 months post operations and I swim, run, train and can cycle daily. My life has improved and my physical ability is changed beyond any expectations or hopes I had. I am completely pain free and thanks to my custom replacement hips I lead a full, sporty life again. My quality of life as well as that of my entire family has dramatically changed for the better as a result of my operations. I have just returned from a walking holiday in the Peak District and next month will be taking part in a 5km sponsored jog – it has been an incredibly successful journey in such a short space of time.

Danny White